• To: All Club Chairmen and Coaches in the Kwara Kiddies League
  • Date: 11th July, 2023
  • Subject: Player Licenses and Player Eligibility Verification

Dear Club Chairmen and Coaches,

I hope this memo finds you well. I am writing to express the League Board’s sincere appreciation for your exemplary efforts and unwavering cooperation in ensuring the smooth running of the Kwara Kiddies League. We are grateful for your dedication to the development of youth sports in our community.

I am delighted to inform you that the players’ licenses are nearing completion. This achievement is a significant step towards maintaining the league’s professionalism and ensuring the eligibility of all participating players.

The licenses will not only serve as official documentation but also assure fair competition among the clubs.

However, recent developments have necessitated stricter measures to ensure the eligibility of the players. We have received numerous petitions regarding players’ status, raising concerns about potential infringements on the league’s framework. To address this issue, we have decided to implement a new verification process.

Therefore, I would like to direct all clubs to submit a photocopy of the last term’s result for all their players before the next match scheduled for Saturday, 15th August 2023.

The submission of these results is mandatory for all players, and failure to comply will result in their ineligibility to participate in the upcoming matches. We believe that this measure will enhance fairness, transparency, and uphold the integrity of the league.

Furthermore, I must emphasize the utmost importance of adhering to the established regulations and guidelines. It has come to our attention that some clubs may be attempting to field ineligible players by resorting to impersonation. This practice is strictly prohibited and undermines the principles of fair competition upon which the Kwara Kiddies YEG League is built.

Henceforth, I want to make it explicitly clear that any club found guilty of fielding ineligible players will face severe penalties.

The league board will conduct a thorough investigation into any suspected cases, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the responsible clubs. We strongly discourage such activities and expect your full cooperation in maintaining the league’s integrity.

Once again, I extend my deepest appreciation to all Club Chairmen and Coaches for their outstanding commitment and cooperation.

By ensuring the players’ eligibility and disallowing any form of impersonation, we can continue to foster a competitive and fair environment for our young players to thrive.

Let us work together to make the upcoming matches a display of sportsmanship and fair play.

Best regards,

Ibrahim Abiola
Director of Legal and Data Management

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