Achievers Football Academy, over the weekend secured its first victory in the current campagin with a 1-0 win over Koller Football Academy, in a week thirteen encounter.

Achievers following the victory sit second from bottom with 7 points, while Koller sit eighth with 13 points.

Speaking after the game, coach Abdullahi Suleiman said he’s confident of securing a win before the game.

“As at the previous day, I believe we were going to win today. I even told my captain that tomorrow’s match, I believe we are going to win it.”

He, however, described the previous losses of his team in the past 12 weeks as a normal occurrence in football where a team can either lose or win.

“That’s part of football. We lose sometimes, we win sometimes”

The coach also commended his players’ effort and affirmed that their improvement overtime.

“Firstly, it is about grassroot game. They are just coming up. It’s under-12, under-13 game. So to me, I don’t go fully with that idea of winning by all means. But I need to motivate my boys, they are sincerely trying.”

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