Arsenal Kiddies emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Abraysports in a thrilling match held at the Kwara Football Academy pitch.

The decisive moment came in the 36th minute when Oseni Abdulfatai of Abraysports inadvertently scored an own goal, giving Arsenal Kiddies the lead.

The match was intense from the beginning, with both teams displaying their skills and determination. Arsenal Kiddies showcased exceptional teamwork and resilience, pressuring Abraysports’ defense throughout the game.

Despite their best efforts, Abraysports struggled to find an opening, with Arsenal Kiddies’ defense proving to be a formidable obstacle.
Oseni Abdulfatai’s own goal, unfortunate as it was, demonstrated the unpredictable nature of football and served as a reminder of how small margins can decide the outcome of a match.

Following this victory, Arsenal Kiddies have climbed to the top of the KwaraKiddies League table with 32 points, showcasing their dominance and consistency in the tournament.

On the other hand, Abraysports finds themselves in the fifth position with 21 points, still in contention but needing to regroup for their upcoming matches.

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