As the Kwara Kiddies League enters its final week of the season, football enthusiasts are gearing up for a thrilling set of matches that promise excitement, drama, and perhaps a few upsets. 

Week 22 holds a particular spotlight on the clash between Surprise and Makamz, setting the stage for a riveting end to the season.

Surprise Vs Makamz:

Surprise, currently standing at sixth place with 29 points, is set to host Makamz, who finds themselves at 11th place with 12 points. Despite Surprise being the favorites, Makamz aims to put up a solid defensive performance, crucial to their success given their struggles in the campaign, having conceded 29 goals in 21 games.

Solicitor Vs Arsenal Kiddies:

Arsenal Kiddies, disappointed with their campaign after losing the league title to KFA, faces a tough challenge against Solicitor. The hosts, in eighth place with 23 points, pose a formidable opposition for Arsenal Kiddies, who are fourth with 29 points.

Laplanet Vs Koller:

Laplanet, the surprise package of the season, faces a stern test against Koller, a high-scoring team in the league. With Koller standing at fifth place with 29 points, Laplanet, at second place with 43 points, will need to focus on their strengths and be cautious of Koller’s attacking threat.

Lucky Star FA Vs SGFC Athletics:

In a battle of the bottom-placed teams, SGFC Athletics are favored to secure a victory against Lucky Star FA. SGFC Athletics, at 9th place with 23 points, will look to exploit the defensive weaknesses of their hosts, who sit at the bottom of the league with 9 points.

AbraySports Vs Afrikan Kiddies:

Afrikan Kiddies, the favorites in the matchup, are wary of the threat posed by AbraySports. Despite being a mid-table side, AbraySports can be dangerous on the break. To secure a positive result, AbraySports must defend brilliantly against Afrikan Kiddies, who have been strong offensively but must be cautious of their own defensive lapses.

KFA Vs Achiever:

The champions, KFA, will celebrate their trophy presentation in front of their fans as they face Achiever. Achiever, sitting at 10th place with 21 points, must be defensively sound to avoid a heavy defeat against the high-scoring champions who have scored 32 goals this campaign.

Football fans across Kwara are eagerly anticipating the climax of the Kwara Kiddies League, where every match carries significant weight in determining the final standings of the season.

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